• GMYT hostel apartment is devoted to providing a clean, safe and comfortable accommodation to fashion entrepreneurs of GMYT Fashion Academy for free.


  • Our Vision at GMYT hostel apartment is to continue to set the standard for the highest quality of service and excellence in hostel accommodation.


  • Excellence Service
  • Integrity
  • Professionalism
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Community


  • Treated Clean Water and Power Supply
  • High Leve Of Security
  • Reading/ Practicing
  • Enthusiasm
  • Proximity To School
  • Cleaning Service
  • Spacious sitting room with nice setting
  • Networking
  • Clean environment
  • Led TV
  • Big walk in closets
  • Modern convenient bath tubs


1. Student luggage’s must be kept neatly under bunk at all times.

The cleaning of the room shall be on a daily basis and each student must participate when it is their turn.

2. It is highly prohibited for a student to leave the kitchen unkempt after use. Each student shall at all times after every use keep the kitchen clean. This involves washing the dishes and other.
Cooking utensils immediately after use. No students will be allowed to leave dirty plates, cups or spoon after use; it must be washed or thrown away immediately after use.

3.The toilet and bathroom must be cleaned on a daily roaster basis and must be cleaned in the morning before leaving the hostel. Failure to do so will attract a fine of (#1,000). Student must vacate their luggage from the hostel after their hostel fee expires. The academy will not be responsible for any loss of the property as a result of such negligence. Also, student will be required to pay extra fee for keeping their luggage after their payment term expires.

4. All hostelite must write an undertaking to obey all rules and regulations of the hostel as all disobedient will attract penalty/expulsion.

5. Students are to maintain bed space/room allocated to them and change when only asked by the management (Matron)

6. Walking naked outside the room allocated to a hostelite is highly prohibited. Cleaning of the immediate environment is compulsory by all students.

7. Students are to move in with the following:

  • Mattress/pillow
  • Pot
  • Cutleries
  • Bucket
  • A travelling box

8. All students living in the hostel must state clearly their health status / condition sanity to the management or provide a doctor report.

9. Maintaining a bed space without sleeping in it attracts same payment as occupying it.

10. Female hostelites are not allow to sleep in the male’s room and vice versa.

11. Illegal relationship / abuse between hostelites is highly prohibited.

12. All student using the hostel gas must contribute to refill without excuses.

13. Hostelites are to take turns on daily basic to clean sitting room, the stairs and general cleaning every Saturday.

14. No guest is allowed in the hostel.15. Every hostelite must sign in and sign out daily at the security post.

16. No hostelite is allowed to come in or go out after 10:00 pm Any hostelite who would not sleep in the hostel must inform the management.

17. If there is any general damage in a room/building, every occupant of the room must pay for the damages.

18. Every hostelite who is living within Lagos is expected to go home on Saturday and come back on Monday hence they are entitled to one box and can pay on installment.

19. Students living outside Lagos are entitled to two boxes and are expected to make full payment with respect to the duration they are staying.

20. On no account should any student leave pots and plates be it dirty or clean on the kitchen cabinets.

21. Smoking is highly prohibited within the premises.

22. There must be no reservation on of bed space for anyone. Bed spaces are allocated by the Matron after payment is made.

23. Electronics with high power consumption are not allowed in the hostel. One central ironing space shall be made available.

24. No personal refrigerator is allowed going forward as their there is a central one in the fridge in the kitchen.

25. The student shall not bring and/or keep any pets in the premises.

26. The student shall not bring, store, possess, consume and/or drink any alcohol/intoxicating drink, drug or substance of any kind what so ever. An occurrence of such behavior shall invite strict disciplinary action leading to expulsion from Hostel.

27. Everyone should treat each other with due courtesy at all times.

28. The student shall keep their rooms, verandah and surrounding areas tidy, neat and clean at all times and shall not throw anything including trash, in such place or any premises in the hostel, except in the dustbin or the place specifically provided for the said purpose.

29. Any manner of festivities and noise making/celebrations, which may cause disturbance to other inmates in the hostel premises, will not be allowed. Nevertheless, if you have to do that, it must be approved by the matron.

30. All furniture and fixture in the rooms allowed to the student must be cared for properly. The student will be required to pay double the original cost if any item is found damaged or missing from their room due to careless / negligent handling.

32. Every Student is personally responsible for safety of their all valuables.

33. Any student caught stealing will be expelled.

34. The student shall not bring any extra furniture or other fixture in the room.

35. Posters / pictures are not allowed on the wall.

36. No hostelite has the right to raise their voices on any of the staff or their roommate/course mate. If you have any complaints, write it in your course form or in an A4 paper and submit to the front desk in school so that the management can address it.

37. New occupants must fill this form within 24 hours or will be asked to evacuate from the premises and no refund will be made.

38. The management reserves the right to dismiss any hostelite should such a person gives sufficient reason and no refund will be made.

39. Ghana must go bags and nylons are not allowed in the room

40. No washing/combing of hair in the bathroom and No sanitary pad should be disposed in the toilet.

41. There should be no nail on the walls.

42. All room are expected to get two dustbins (one for toilet and one for their room.

43. All rooms are expected to get two undies hanger to dry their undies in the bathroom.

44. All rooms are expected to get two big rack for their toiletries.

45. Only two buckets are allowed in all room (Paint bucket is highly prohibited).

46. All rooms are expected to get one new mop, one broom, one collector/packer.

47. All students are to get plastic soap dish for their sponge (the type you can stick on the wall).

48. Close-up inspection of the hostel room must be done once every month.

49. Gas MUST BE TURNED OFF immediately after use. Use of gas must be with ultimate precaution.

50. Any student who damages the hostel property is going to be asked to REPLACE the damaged piece if not the whole roommates/hostelites will be asked to replace it.

51. Hostelite(s) who left gas/iron/electrical equipment unattended would be HELD LIABLE for any resultant loss of life or property as well as all attached damages no matter the magnitude.